I’m a web developer & designer from Milwaukee, WI. I’m a co-owner of Gittr, a cycling enthusiast, and I like to write about what I do.

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  • Comparing Frameworks Since I founded Gittr with my business partner, Brennan, we’ve used the MaterializeCSS front-end framework. It’s got all of the standard components a modern framework should have: a decent grid, modals, tooltips, navigation options, dropdowns, buttons, and more. It also offers SASS and JS source files so it’s modular, expandable, and you don’t have to ... Continue Reading
  • CSS-Cropping: How To Preserve Aspect Ratio I do a lot of “profile” type sites – a basic profile image with descriptions and maybe some social media links. One thing that I’ve always struggled with was the ‘circular’ profile image. I circumvented this for a while by hard-cropping in photoshop or requesting square images, then slapping the border-radius on it and calling ... Continue Reading