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Front End Web Development


Web Development

From conceptualization to implementation, I custom build every component to meet the needs of your business and users. From big to small, I ensure your site is as best as it can be.



I use the latest tools and methods to ensure a high ranking on all search engines. SEO should be as much a part of your website strategy as much as it is part of your marketing strategy.



Managing a presence on Social Media can be a daunting task. I can take your online persona and deliver consistent content to create a brand in conjunction with a strong marketing strategy.

Personified Development

Each website serves it's own purpose, just as each product performs it's own actions. I help identify what your website needs to do, who it needs to serve, and how these goals should be accomplished to deliver a consistent brand and provide a backbone to a strong marketing strategy.


From conceptualization to implementation, I make sure your site is built and maintained using the latest tools and methods to ensure consistent deliverance on every device at all times.

Responsive Design

Every site I design is built to adapt to every screen size from large to small. Implementing a responsive design means accomodating your customers so that they can access your site wherever they may be and delivering a consistent brand across devices to ensure higher engagement


DIY:MKE | Visit Site open_in_new

DIY:MKE is a listing service which allows bands and concert promotors to easily book shows
> Implements HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL
> Lightweight, industrial, responsive, and accessible design
> Custom CMS
> App is MySQL focused

Center Street Daze Festival

Center Street Daze Festival | Visit Site open_in_new

Center Street Daze Festival is an annual street festival celebrating Riverwest's Center Street
> Implements HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL
> Lightweight, responsive, accessible design
> Custom CMS
> Integrates with MySQL for marketing & vendor signup
> Integrates with PayPal for payments

My Declaration of Healing

My Declaration of Healing | Visit Site open_in_new

My Declaration of Healing is a crowdfunded book series by Milwaukee author M. Dabney
> Implements HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP
> Lightweight design for improved reading on desktop
> Implements responsive & accessible design
> Integrates with MySQL for future marketing campaigns

Bottomed Out

Bottomed Out | Visit Site open_in_new

Bottomed Out is a radio show/online magazine.
> Implements a PHP-based blog
> Front-page posting & individual post pages
> Post Categories
> Responsive & accessible design
> Brand & logo design

Filth Fest

Filth Fest | Visit Site open_in_new

Filth Fest is a music festival held in Milwaukee, WI.
> Implements a PHP-based blogging system
> Front-page posting & individual post pages
> Responsive & accessible design
> jQuery animations & modules
> Social Media integration

The Phi Effect

The Phi Effect | Visit Site open_in_new

The Phi Effect is a movie review podcast based in Milwaukee.
> WordPress Site
> Custom styles built on a dynamic theme
> Logo & branding development
> Custom Post Categories
> Front-Page Posting
> Social Media Integration

Urban Exploration Mag

Urban Exploration Mag | Visit Site open_in_new

Urban Exploration Mag is an online magazing & radio show.
> WordPress site
> Custom Styles built on a dynamic theme
> Logo & Branding Development
> Social Media & Email marketing
> Custom Post Categories
> Author Management
> Integration with Google Drive
> Front-Page Posting
> Integration with Flickr API


Streampost | Visit Site open_in_new

Streampost is a lightweight blogging solution
> PHP & MySQL Based
> Responsive Design
> Complete Content Customization
> User Management/Multiple Users
> Past Post Editing
> In-Browser Administration
> Individual Post Pages

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