Regex Cheatsheet

I’ve been writing some regex lately and compiled this handy little cheat sheet.

Start the expression: /^

Space: [\s] or \s

Parentheses: [(] and [)]

Optional flag: put a ‘?’ after the phrase
Hyphen (first or last character): - or [-]

Hyphen (not first or last character): \-

If you want options in a slot, put brackets around the options: [-.\s] = hyphen, period, or space required.

If you want options to be optional, add a question mark: [-.\s]? = optional slot, but a hyphen, period, or space required
Number: \d

Quantifier: {3} (exactly 3)

1 or more: +

n or more: {2,} (2 or more)

0 or 1: ?

0 or 1 digit: \d?

1 or more digits: \d+

String: ^

String of length n: ^{n} (where 'n' is a number)

Quantified Number: \d{3} (exactly 3 numbers)

Literal: \ ([\@] would be a required 'at' sign)

1 digit number, in a range: [n-n] ([0-9] is a required single digit number ranging from 0-9)

(\+|1\s)? accepts a plus sign or (the pipe character is “or”) a 1 followed by a space and makes it optional.

End the expression: $/

Common Regex Phrases:

US Phone Number (123)456-7890: /^[(][2-9]\d{2}[)][2-9]\d{2}[-]\d{4}$/

(I’ll add more here as time progresses)

Hope this helps, I’ll be using it for sure.

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