Nate Northway

Frameworks: Bleh.

blog | March 8, 2016

I want to get away from frameworks. I find that frameworks often require a lot of overrides or not enough functionality, especially in a non-static site. Additionally, I find that so-called responsive frameworks, while boasting plenty of features, often lack consistency across devices. For example, on my site, a thick white right border appears on the index page. For the life of me, I can't debug this, and it's annoying the crap out of me. So I'll be rebuilding my personal site and staying away from frameworks to focus on building truly responsive pages. Since Streampost (the platform this blog is built on) is based on MaterializeCSS, I don't know what the future for that holds. I think for now it's best to stay with a framework if I want to keep it going because I'm leading a rather busy life as of late; however, I also realize the importance of ensuring a responsive site, and if Materialize isn't able to achieve that to my specifications, I'd like to step away from it.


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