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Posted December 12, 2015
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Who They Are: Filth Fest is an annual music festival held in Milwaukee, WI, focused around the underground music scene and providing an outlet for LGBTQ+ individuals to perform and experience a safe atmosphere in an otherwise hostile environment.

What They Needed: Filth Fest needed a largely informational site to present the festival schedule, news, media, and a contact method. They also needed minimal blogging capabilities, analytics, and managed hosting. Since it was their first time having a website, they needed a lot of SEO groundwork.

How I Helped: The system I built was a flat-file system which pulled blog posts from a directory to desplay on the relevant pages. The advantage to this was loading a lot of rich content quickly by eliminating the need for a database. The disadvantage was the lack of an admin panel or dashboard. Though speed was traded for full functionality (like a WP site), the options were great because it included a sidebar, many social features/plugins, and a few easter eggs the organizers wanted thrown in. It was a lot of fun building this site. The SEO work was easy because 'Filth Fest' is a unique name. I was able to provide the hosting they needed and managed their site during the first few weeks of launch. Working with FF was a great experience and I look forward to being their onboard developer for the next annual event.

Launch: December 12, 2015
Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP
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