Center Street Daze Festival

Posted May 15, 2016
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Who They Are: The Center Street Daze Festival (CSDF) is an annual street festival celebrating the main stretch of the Riverwest Neighborhood in Milwaukee. The festival is about to celebrate it's 20th anniversary and has hosted a myriad of vendors, bands, and, of course, festival goers.

What They Needed: CSDF needed a website to market the festival, handle incoming vendor application forms and fees, and provide an informational outlet. They also required a managed hosting solution and email services.

How I Helped: I built out a custom CMS to provide the blogging, content-editing capabilities, the processing of vendor application submissions, and the processing of user-submitted contact forms. The CMS featured a series of solutions for approving, denying, and reviewing vendor applications. I also built out a strong front end which was a step forward from their old site but not so much that continuing users were confused. I also managed their hosting and provided many informational email addresses to avoid flooding the inboxes of the organizers.

Launch: May 15, 2016
Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
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