Filth Fest

Posted March 28, 2017
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Who They Are: Filth Fest is an annual music festival held in Milwaukee, WI, focused around the underground music scene and providing an outlet for LGBTQ+ individuals to perform and experience a safe atmosphere in an otherwise hostile environment.

What They Needed: Filth Fest needed a largely informational site to present the festival schedule, news, media, and a contact method. They also needed minimal blogging capabilities, analytics, and managed hosting.

How I Helped: I built a custom WordPress theme with detailed analytics integrations and user management. I implemented a custom design focused on content to emphasize the information on the site. Schedules and information is dynamically added, allowing for a lot of changes when needed to adjust to a planning schedule that a lot of people have hands in.

Launch: March 20, 2017
Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
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