Bound Couriers

Project Type: Website Development, Design
Dates: 2020


Bound Couriers is a small courier company based in Columbus, Ohio. They provide same-day services and are partnered with a number of local restaurants and bakeries, providing business-to-business deliveries and business-to-customer deliveries. They needed a website to showcase their work, tell their story, and provide a method of contact.


Bound had a Squarespace website that wasn't great on mobile and didn't accomplish all the goals they had in mind. They wanted something that worked great and looked modern across platforms. They also needed better SEO and marketing tools. Their story was poorly laid out and it wasn't clear how to get in touch with them.


I built a website that was mobile-first, good looking, and fast. I built out robust SEO and integrated Google Analytics. I helped edit their copy to tell a good story and visually displayed their work, clients, and staff to help create a visual. I added a contact form and built out some features that they're not using quite yet, like a quote calculator.


They loved their finished product. Their SEO is pretty good as a result of the updates and they get some decent traffic. The site scores well on PSI, and I'm excited to help expand their site in the future.


Nate built us a website that catered to our individual needs and looks far more professional than what we tried to do on our own. In addition, he has experience working with a company that provides similar services to what we provide, which made him familiar with the content we need to display. Everything was very reasonably priced and put together in a timely manner. He was also very responsive to making minor changes to the site to create exactly what we need
Jaedon Nauriyal, owner, Bound Couriers