Category: Frontend

From March 13, 2022

Everyday Sass Tools

I use Sass’s CLI a lot and wanted to drop some useful notes.

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From January 16, 2022

Gradients in CSS

A *lot* is possible with gradients in CSS – from the classic linear, to conic, it’s all SUPER fun stuff.

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From December 3, 2021

Media Queries in JavaScript

If JavaScript can animate things, should it also be able to tell if it should animate things?

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From March 2, 2021

URI Schemes for the front end

URI Schemes like mailto and tel are common, but there is a whole lot more out there.

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From March 1, 2021

Hover and Pointer Media Queries

Hover and Pointer events on mobile are …hard.

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From February 23, 2021

Frontend Mentor – Coding Challenges

Frontend Mentor is a series of coding challenges for front-end developers.

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From February 6, 2021

Image Gallery with CSS Grid

I built an image gallery with CSS grid and a lightbox. CSS Grid is great fun.

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From February 3, 2021

Perfecting Performance

I increased my site’s performance by over 50% by following a few steps.

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From January 23, 2021

I Built A Bulma Extension

I built a component that ties in with Bulma to expand their collapsible offerings

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From January 9, 2021

Back To Top Button: A Few Ways

A solution for a Back To Top button can be done a few ways, including different JavaScript methods and at least one CSS solution.

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