Category: Frontend

From December 23, 2020

Countdown Timer to New Year’s Day

It’s been a while! I’ve been out of the loop for some time, but I’m back and looking forward to the new year – and counting down with a JS Countdown Timer!

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From December 15, 2020

Backdrop-filter: Glassmorphism?

Before finding backdrop-filter, I would make text readable by using Photoshop to darken and blur a background image. This function makes that so much easier

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From August 13, 2019

Color Changing Input

I saw an input field that changes backgrounds based on input. I’m interested in what happens when a color is typed in to the field and how that was built

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From November 30, 2018

Parallax with vanilla JS (and more!)

This short demo contains two simple things: darkening background images using pure CSS and a simple, easy to understand, vanilla JavaScript parallax.

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From November 27, 2018

Text Overflow in Tables Using table-layout

I recently came across the issue of table-cells overflowing – messing up the display of the table.The table-layout property is the easiest way to handle it

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From November 24, 2018

Happy Fibonacci Day!

Alright, maybe I’m a day late, I’m sorry. Calculating the Fibonacci Sequence is a fun exercise, with or without recursion.

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From November 11, 2018

Codevember: A thing I found

I found a ‘code every day’ challenge – ‘Codevember’. I got some inspiration at an art exhibit, so I’m gonna give it a shot with the exhibit as source inspo

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From October 21, 2018

Fixing Button Text Overflow

I’m working on a redesign using the Bulma CSS framework to overhaul my site. Bulma has a few quirks though, like this overflowing button text

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From September 26, 2018

I Built a Chrome Extension

I wanted to be able to use lorem ipsum easily – without going a site, finding text, and copying it. I thought a Chrome Extension might work, so I built one.

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From September 22, 2018

Filters in CSS

Filters are a pretty cool, powerful tool that can be used to apply a variety of effects – most commonly to images and backgrounds.

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