Category: Frontend

From September 20, 2018

How to Get the most Value from a WordPress Site

There is quite a lot that clients can do to make sure that they get the most value out of their WordPress site – blogging and SEO are just the start.

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From August 21, 2018

Codier: Front-end coding challenges

Through some Reddit thread a while back, I was introduced to Codier, a collection of front-end coding challenges. It’s pretty cool but has one drawback.

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From February 11, 2018

Semantic UI: A Light Review

In my previous posts, I outlined how I found working with Bootstrap and Bulma as part of a greater series on my company’s search for a new front-end framework. I’m now to working with Semantic UI and, though I like it, I’m not sold.

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From February 9, 2018

Bulma: A Light Review

In previous posts I outlined how I found working with Bootstrap as part of a greater series on the search for a new framework. I’m now working with Bulma

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From July 10, 2017

CSS-Cropping: How To Preserve Aspect Ratio

I do a lot of ‘profile’ type sites but one thing I’ve always struggled with is the ‘circular’ profile image due to the aspect-ratio changing.

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From May 8, 2017

Function Declaration in jQuery

Three ways to declare functions in jQuery include the simple function, get/set, and extending the jQuery object. I cover all three in this short post.

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From January 29, 2017

CSS Counting: What, How, and When

After reading an article on CSS-Tricks, I learned about CSS Counting. It’s a cool property that’s arguably useful, but isn’t really accessible.

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From October 22, 2016

CSS: The Differences Between IDs and Classes

Though you can achieve similar things with both, Classes and IDs are way different.

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From October 13, 2016

Disappearing Nav

Disappearing navbars are found all over the web. This feature may seem like an advanced technique, but it’s actually really easy to implement.

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From October 12, 2016

Browser Defaults

Browser defaults are generally rather sensible and malleable, but there are a few things I strongly urge you not to mess with.

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