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From September 27, 2018

The Functionality that htaccess Provides

Modifying the htaccess file can improve your SEO, can improve usability of your site, improve server response time, help save you headaches, and more.

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From September 26, 2018

I Built a Chrome Extension

I wanted to be able to use lorem ipsum easily – without going a site, finding text, and copying it. I thought a Chrome Extension might work, so I built one.

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From September 19, 2018

After Launching: What is ‘post-deployment maintenance’, anyways?

In every contract I commit to, I offer post-deployment maintenance. It’s an important part of web-devbusiness that ensures happy clients & efficiency

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From August 21, 2018

Codier: Front-end coding challenges

Through some Reddit thread a while back, I was introduced to Codier, a collection of front-end coding challenges. It’s pretty cool but has one drawback.

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From June 16, 2018

Tool Reference

A Reddit Post encouraged me to start maintaining a list of useful resources for web designers/developers.

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From May 23, 2017

Regex Cheatsheet

I’ve been writing some regex lately and compiled this handy little cheat sheet. Hopefully it helps you quickly write regex. I know I’ll be using it!

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From December 26, 2016


Accessibility is absolutely necessary in today’s day and age.

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From October 17, 2016

Content Security Policy

The goal of a Content Security Policy (CSP) is to prevent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

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From October 13, 2016

Disappearing Nav

Disappearing navbars are found all over the web. This feature may seem like an advanced technique, but it’s actually really easy to implement.

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From September 25, 2016

Project Flow

Prior to starting a relationship with a client, I like to walk them through the website design and development process. Often times, a lot of standard business practices are implemented, however, there are a few things unique to web design that (in my experience) have come as a surprise to the client. The first step: […]

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