Category: Web Development

From June 26, 2022

Wow! A New Website!

I rebuilt my website!

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From June 13, 2022 React Project

I wanted to build a project and learn a new library. I used an idea from a Reddit post to learn React.

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From June 11, 2022

Audit Automation

Automating the tools you use to audit sites can be a big timesaver.

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From March 13, 2022

Everyday Sass Tools

I use Sass’s CLI a lot and wanted to drop some useful notes.

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From March 4, 2021

Development Software and Tools

I use a lot of tools to build websites. I try to keep this list updated as my workflow adapts.

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From February 23, 2021

Frontend Mentor – Coding Challenges

Frontend Mentor is a series of coding challenges for front-end developers.

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From January 22, 2021

Topik – A Flat File Blog System

I built a flat-file, PHP based blogging system.

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From January 4, 2021

Why You Need A Website

One of the things I’ve always argued for is that every business needs to have a website. Having a single source of info is crucial to increasing traffic.

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From October 25, 2018

What’s the deal with WWW?

I recently had a client ask me ‘is there a difference between ‘’ and ‘’?’ In short: no. But of course, it’s more complicated.

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From October 21, 2018

Fixing Button Text Overflow

I’m working on a redesign using the Bulma CSS framework to overhaul my site. Bulma has a few quirks though, like this overflowing button text

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