Category: Web Development

From September 27, 2018

The Functionality that htaccess Provides

Modifying the htaccess file can improve your SEO, can improve usability of your site, improve server response time, help save you headaches, and more.

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From September 24, 2018

The Weather Sucks: my newest pet project

Not long ago, I got really frustrated with the way the weather app I used worked. I wanted to build something better looking, faster, & easier to use

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From September 19, 2018

After Launching: What is ‘post-deployment maintenance’, anyways?

In every contract I commit to, I offer post-deployment maintenance. It’s an important part of web-devbusiness that ensures happy clients & efficiency

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From June 16, 2018

Tool Reference

A Reddit Post encouraged me to start maintaining a list of useful resources for web designers/developers.

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From February 8, 2018

Bootstrap: A Light Review

In my last post, I outlined what Gittr is looking for in a framework and how I’m going to find it. This post is focused on Bootstrap – 1st of 3 of its kind.

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From February 8, 2018

Comparing Frameworks

Gittr is looking for a new front end solution and we’re going to be comparing three frameworks – Bootstrap, Bulma, and Semantic UI – to find what works best

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From January 26, 2017

Net Neutrality: What it Is, Why it Matters, and How it Concerns You

With our recent election, the freedom of the internet is in question again, and net neutrality is again becoming a hotly debated topic.

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From December 26, 2016


Accessibility is absolutely necessary in today’s day and age.

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From October 17, 2016

Content Security Policy

The goal of a Content Security Policy (CSP) is to prevent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

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From October 12, 2016

Browser Defaults

Browser defaults are generally rather sensible and malleable, but there are a few things I strongly urge you not to mess with.

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