Facility Now

Project Type: Website Development, Design
Dates: 2018


FacilityNow is a facility management company based in S/E Wisconsin that is contracted to manage spaces, building projects, and moving projects for companies that occupy a physical space. Usually they work with large corporate entities and they needed a website to display their value, market their work, and provide a way for users to contact them.


The team at FacilityNow had a nicely designed website already, but it wasn't responsive and it was featureless. I wanted to build something that looked and worked great on any device. I also wanted to provide them with better SEO and marketing tools. There wasn't much of a story on their previous site and I thought there was a great opportunity to talk about their awesome staff.


I started with accessibility and designed in the browser from a mobile-first perspective. From there, I built a complimentary WordPress site to augment SEO. I included interactive elements to learn more about the company and provide a contact page so users could get in touch. I worked with the team and leaders to work up headshots and short bios on their staff, which I worked in to the "about" page to help tell their story.


The final site was well received by all the staff and is still up, 3 years later. It still works great across devices and they post updates to their blog regularly. Their SEO is pretty good and they show up 4th in Google currently, only behind 3 national facility management companies (the first two of which are different branches of the same company). At launch, it scored a 98 on Google Page Speed Insights.