Codier: Front-end coding challenges

August 21, 2018
Frontend Tips and Tricks

Through some Reddit thread a while back, I was introduced to¬†Codier, a collection of front-end coding challenges. It seems pretty community oriented and I’ve had a bit of fun trying to do some of the things in a different way. I think it’s cool that you can not only see others’ submissions, but also that there “is no right answer”. I like it over there.
My only critique is that they use their own CodePen style editor, which I think sucks. So I’ve been building my attempts in CodePen, then moving them to Codier. The frustration of waiting for the the DOM to load in Codier is avoided this way, plus my work gets automatically duped to a more public profile. My latest challenge completion is down below.

See the Pen Pure CSS Loading Icon by Nate Northway (@the_Northway) on CodePen.

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