I got in to web design & development about 6 years ago through creating custom Tumblr themes. Since then, I’ve worked on, developed, designed, published, hosted, or maintained hundreds of web sites. In 2016, I founded Gittr with my friend and colleague Brennan. As the CTO I’ve driven a lot of the development of the app and have had a very present hand in front-end development and design.

Since pursuing a freelance career full time, I’ve focused on 3 key areas of web development that I believe few other freelancers in Milwaukee work on:

  • Responsive Development and Design
  • Web Security
  • Modular Design

Responsive Development and Design is important to me because a lot of the internet’s traffic comes from non-desktop platforms. Phones, tablets, watches, and other internet ready devices are more popular now than ever – and their popularity will only increase. I think it’s important to ensure web technology is accessible across platforms, not only to cater to a mobile centered market, but also to ensure that all who need to can access web technology.

Web Security is another important aspect to web design. With attacks happening more and more frequently, it’s important that users’ information is not only transmitted securely, but that it’s also stored securely. To do this, I make sure that I stay up-to-date on the latest trends and information and keep myself educated on the changes to the languages I use.

Modular Design is a concept that I think is lost on some people. What I mean when I say this is keeping the front-end and back-end separated from each-other. Data processing should not affect data visualization, nor vice versa. I could go into further detail on how to keep the processing of data modularized and the visualization modularized, but I don’t want a paper published on this page.

This is what I look like. Credit to the amazing Geraldo