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June 13, 2022
Project React Web Development

outdated.today is a website built on React.js that lists pieces of information that you may have been taught based on the year you enter. Facts and corrections were primarily sourced from Wikipedia, with secondary sources coming from Reddit & Twitter (though I’ve been the only contributer, thus far). Users can contribute “facts”, as they’re called, which get vetted (by me, for now).

Tech Stack

It’s built on React.js and is hosted on Netlify, depoloying from the main Github branch. It uses a few packages, all of which can be downloaded using NPM.

I also used Elastic Email as the mail server, but that’s not a part of the React project.


It’s a pretty standard React app – I’ve got a folder for data, a folder for components, and a folder for the public assets. It uses Google Analytics and that’s the only external resource.

The Future

What does the future look like? I want to learn a serverless database system, but haven’t figured out which one will be best yet. I think Firebase sounds okay? But dunno if I can develop that locally or not. With the database, I want to develop a workflow that allows automatic insertion of fact submissions that only require a review, which will not only be quicker, but cut down on the amount of emails being sent. Coming up *very* soon will be a slight redesign to have some better UI – this wasn’t supposed to be a project about design, but it might as well be.


I recently discovered that I’m actually making money from my website, and thought that maybe I could also throw Google Ads on to this. But, I don’t think I wanna do that. I’m already getting a lot out of the experience.

What else?

I’m pretty excited about this and am excited to have a public-facing project that I can show people that is actually cool for non-techy folks and techy folks. I think Topik is cool, but showing that to a recruiter probably doesn’t get me much traction.
I’m stoked to see what comes up – and I’ll post any updates here (but at the top!)

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